+AUMENTA-AR is an AUGMENTED REALITY system composed of a WEBAPP and a PLATFORM (CMS). The intuitive platform allows anyone to manage the experiences of their AR campaigns in a simple and independent way.


In addition to the classic WOW effect offered by the AR scenarios of +AUMENTA AR and the convenience of being able to immediately use the AR contents, +AUMENTA AR is able to offer great added value to your business and to your products, services and promotional gadgets. All of this without having to download useless Apps that weigh down your smartphone and block you to enjoy Augmented Reality content.


We offer the creation of an Augmented Reality WEBAPP customized with your logos, complete with a management platform with tutorials and assistance services. We therefore give the possibility of being able to create the various Augmented Reality Experiences independently or, if necessary, we offer a turnkey management service, capable of delivering complete projects to the customer, obviously created on the basis of their own marketing indications.


Geolocation is the GPS technology that makes it possible to determine the geographical position of a person based, for example, on his smartphone. Through this technology, +AUMENTA AR offers its customers the possibility of implementing various new marketing tools including:

  • User experience personalization: Geolocation can be used to provide a highly personalized augmented reality experience. For example, once the user has given consent, the augmented reality platform can use his location to offer relevant and specific content for that area.

  • User engagement: The use of geolocation can increase the user engagement with the augmented reality platform, as it offers a more interactive and personalized experience. This can lead to an increased user retention and improved brand perception.

  • Greater marketing opportunities: The use of geolocation can offer to the company more marketing opportunities, as it allows you to provide highly targeted and relevant content based on the user’s location. For example, the company may offer exclusive coupons or discounts for stores located near the user.

  • Better traceability and data analysis: the use of geolocation allows the company to collect more detailed data on the use of the augmented reality platform and user behavior. This can be used to improve the platform, personalize content and optimize marketing strategies.


The +AUMENTA AR WebApp is able to recognize the language of the user’s device using the service and, if foreseen in the project, can show the contents in the detected language.


POIs (Points of Interest) are specific geographical locations, which can be used to identify points of interest such as shops, restaurants, museums, monuments, parks, hospitals and many other destinations. Thanks to GPS technology, +AUMENTA AR is able to manage POIs with precision, and they can be used by companies in many different ways. For example, a company could use POIs to:

  • Marketing: By placing their shops or offices as a POI on a map, companies can promote their geographic presence and reach potential customers who are nearby.

  • Resource management: Companies with fleets of vehicles or staff on the move can use POIs to track their vehicles and staff, to plan more efficient routes and optimize resources.

  • Territorial analysis: the use of POIs can provide useful information for analyzing the territory, such as the density of shops or the tourist flow in a given area.

  • Location Services: Companies that offer location-based services, such as navigation apps or travel booking applications, can use POIs to provide detailed information about places of interest and guide users to desired destinations.

The POIs inserted in an interactive AR support represent a precious source of information for companies, which can use them to improve their services, promote their presence in the area and offer a better experience to their customers.


We can create a customized configurator that will allow the customer to select and compose the product order simply by framing it, without the need for assistance from the store staff. The interactive store will be divided into categories, in order to simplify the consultation of the offer, and designed with the same setting as an e-commerce. This service could be useful for the products of event sponsors, but also for the contactless restaurant menu.